Start a running habit during the covid crisis

Now is a great time to check in with old habits and start some new ones. A new habit that is easy to cultivate is running. Running is very accessible and low cost. All you need is a pair of very good running shoes and the great outdoors.

Step 1.

Buy an excellent pair of new running shoes.

It's not a good idea to just throw on any old shoes you have lying around. Make sure your shoes fit your feet specifically and are made by a reputable company that make shoes for running. I like the brands mizuno, ascis, new balance, brooks and saucony. If you are planning to do a significant amount of running or are training for a half or whole marathon I would recommend going to a running store to have a specialist work with you to find the best running shoe for your foot.

Step 2.

Start out slowly. If it has been years since you have run or you have never attempted

running ever and or you have a sedentary desk job start out very slowly. Run/walk a mile at first. Running is very high impact and can damage unconditioned tissue easily. Injured or weak muscles will have a harder time protecting your joints from injury.

Step 3.

Wait several days to recover before running again. It can take several days before your body starts to feel sore. It may make sense to run only once a week to start and only add an additional day when you feel you have fully recovered between runs. Most new runners make the mistake of not taking the time to recover between runs. When you have been running for several weeks, gradually increase your mileage by %10 each week until you have reached your goal.

Step 4.

Research a dynamic warm up to do before you go for your run. I also recommend consulting a trainer or movement specialist to design a post run stretching protocol. Most people have trouble areas that will tighten up during their runs and may take a bit longer to recover between runs. A strategic stretching process can help keep these muscles from becoming overly tight and altering your gait and leading to injuries.

Step 5.

Have so much fun. Get some fresh air and be well!

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