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Structural Bodywork and Massage Therapy
Guilford, CT and Madison, CT


       Massage Therapy is a component of structural bodywork. Structural bodywork integrates many hands on therapies to manipulate the connective tissue and muscles. The main goal of bodywork is to help support strong efficient pain free movement. Rolfing is a form of structural bodywork most are familiar with. I follow similar principles in my bodywork.

       I focus on challenges and symptoms my clients are facing including inflexibility, weakness and/or pain. I also use postural, movement and strength assessments to identify areas that are restricted and weak and may be related to pain, inflexibility and/or weakness. I use a variety of manual therapy techniques as well as strength and flexibility training to create a targeted plan over several sessions. I use structural integration techniques to try and address the root cause of chronic injury in order to break the cycle of pain.

      Sometimes a simple postural habit change is enough and other times more manipulation of the soft tissue, range of motion therapy and strength training is required. It's also possible an underlying medical issue is the cause of pain, stiffness and weakness in which case it is very important to make sure you are also receiving treatment from a qualified medical specialist to treat and manage your illness.

       If you think bodywork might help you or you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me. I would be happy to answer any and all questions. 860-245-1249



How do I make an appointment?

Give us a call or text to 860-245-1249, email, message us on facebook

How frequently should I come in?

That is a great question and the simple answer is it totally depends on your goals. I usually recommend regularly receiving bodywork/massage at least once a month.


Can you diagnose my illness?

No. It is outside of my scope of practice to make a medical diagnosis. It is very important that you see a licensed health care specialist to diagnose your condition before coming in to see me. Many complimentary care practitioners without the proper training work outside of their training and offer medical diagnoses they shouldn’t. 

Do you work with people that have ongoing diagnosed illnesses?

Yes! I do not treat illness and disease nor can I make a diagnosis but can try and address the soft tissue, muscle, and connective tissue consequences. It is very important that you find a licensed health care specialist with the scope of practice to diagnose and treat your specific, disease or illness. Be wary of individuals that claim to diagnose and treat all disease and illnesses directly or have a one size fits all treatment for every disease. It is impossible for a single person to know everything that is currently known about disease and illness. There have been massive discoveries since ancient times when we had a single medicine man that treated the entire community. Also be wary of practitioners that do not enthusiastically encourage you to see other health care providers and get second and third opinions.

Do you have parking?

Yes. We have parking spaces feet from our door and a very large parking lot. We are also handicap accessible. The ramp is located in front of our neighbors, The Madison Stock Exchange.


What should I expect during my first visit?

Please fill out the health intake form by clicking the link in the email sent from clinicsense confirming your appointment before you come for your visit. You may also come in 10-15 minutes early and we can fill it out together. If you do not receive the intake please look at your spam filter. Parking is right out front and the practice is handicap accessible on the ground floor with good signage. I will greet you and take you in to one of our treatment rooms so we can talk about what has brought you in.

How long is a session?

The most popular duration is 60min including a brief chat and time to get on the table. The hands on portion is usually 55min give or take. We also offer 90min sessions which are sometimes more beneficial and allow more time to identify and work on complicated issues. 90min are also great for those of you that take a little longer to relax.

How frequently do I need to come in to see results?

It depends. Some symptoms are relieved by a single session. Especially if there was not a major underlying injury or issue to cause the muscle tissue to stiffen. Sometime a combination of stretches will do the trick. Usually we need to create an ongoing treatment plan using manual therapy, stretching and strengthening to help. There is no proven protocol and it is very difficult to predict who will benefit. I adjust the plan on a minute by minute basis.

What kind of lotions/oils do you use?

I use organic coconut oil only. I do not use topical pain treatments including CBD/Biofreeze/Arnica. I like to keep things simple and uncomplicated.

Are you Handicap assessible?

Yes I am. The office is compliant with the ADA and wheelchair accessible.

How much do your services cost?

·       $100 an hour for any Massage Therapy or Bodywork service.

·       $100 per hour for Flexibility, Corrective exercise or a combination of the two

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately Not directly. I will charge you at the time of the session. I then can provide documentation of your sessions to send to your health insurance for possible reimbursement.  It is really important that you talk to your insurance company first to see if they will reimburse you for massage therapy. Every insurance company is different and requires different documents for reimbursement. You likely will need a note from your doctor saying massage therapy is medically necessary. We DO accept HSA (Health Savings Account) debit cards.

Do you accept HAS (Health Savings Account) debit cards?

Yes! We sure do.

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