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I will help you access strong, pain free and efficient movement locked within your body

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Results focused Massage Therapy and flexability Training

Your body has an ability you have never known. It has the potential to move with more strength, less pain and quicker recovery. I have spent my life studying how to unlock this potential. I will use everything I know to help you. I am relentless in my pursuit to find the solution to your particular challenge. You deserve to know your potential. Let me help you: (text preferred 860-245-1249 )

Bodywork/ Massage therapy

Massage Therapy is a component of structural bodywork. The main goal of structural bodywork is to restore mobility/pliability in restricted soft tissue. Rolfing is an example of structural bodywork. I do not practice Rolfing but follow similar principles.  I use a variety of hands on techniques to try and improve the pliability of your soft tissue and reduce connective tissue restriction. I will work with you to develop a progressive plan to address your specific movement goals.

Assisted stretch sessions​​​​


You can't strengthen what you can't move. I use a variety of techniques to help improve the extensibility of your connective tissue to support strong, efficient and pain free movement. I will help you identify areas that are restricted and design a flexibility plan to address them. Flexibility therapy will help assess range of motion and improve joint health and function. Flexibility training can be a powerful tool supporting strong and resilient movement.

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