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Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training
Guilford, CT, Madison, CT

       You can't strengthen what you can't move. I use a variety of techniques to help improve the extensibility of your connective tissue to support strong, efficient and pain free movement. I will help you identify areas that are restricted and design a flexibility plan to address them. Flexibility therapy will help assess range of motion and improve joint health and function. Flexibility training can be a powerful tool to support strong and resilient movement.


What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict you from stretching. Yoga wear is perfect. Jeans are usually too stiff and restrictive but I can ususally work with most anything.

Do I need to be flexible to benefit from a range of motion and flexibility session?

No. I will adapt all of the stretching and movement to respect your body’s range of motion and flexibility. Stretching should be done by easing muscles into stretch. I will be careful not to stress your range of motion as it will only encourage your muscles to contract and stiffen. Our goal is to ease the muscles into the stretch. Every body is different and will require a different approach. We will work together to ensure the techniques used are effective for you and your specific goals. 

How will flexibility make me stronger?

You can’t strengthen what you can’t move. Tight muscles are also often weak and create weakness in surrounding muscles. 

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