Not a massage person?

I was recently speaking with someone about our massage practice. She let me know she is not a massage person. I started thinking about what makes a massage person and why maybe this person wasn't one. I started thinking back to the beginning of my fitness career and remembered someone telling me they didn’t need a personal trainer because they were not an athlete. This person was not a personal training person. We all know that that perspective has changed and frankly so has personal fitness.

I wondered how we can convert these non-massage people into massage people. Maybe we can help to deliver massage therapy in way that would connect better with these folks. I am passionate about the effects of regular massage therapy. There is a decent body of evidence to support its many benefits and the medical community is recommending it more and more to patients. Maybe we as practitioners aren’t delivering therapeutic massage in a way that works for some people or we aren’t communicating the benefits. I would love to hear from you out there that do not see value in massage as to why it doesn’t work for you. I also would love to hear from people that have found value in massage therapy. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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