Quieting a busy mind for sleep

As you all know we have recently opened a massage practice and are building it up from scratch. It is a very exciting but of course stressful time. I find it is challenging to get my mind to shut off at the end of the day which makes falling asleep difficult. I wanted to share with you all this body scan I do which has helped me immensely. I hope it will help you too!

While you are laying in your bed comfortably, start to scan your body. Start with your feet and notice how they feel. Are they sore, hot, tingly or do you notice them at all. Move to your ankles then up to your knees, up your legs to your hips, waist, trunk, shoulders and down your arms to your hands. Then finally up your neck and head. Repeat the scan as many times as you need to. If you notice areas that are uncomfortable try to focus on relaxing those areas. Try to feel these areas melt. This can be a nice tool to have when you feel especially stressed. Let me know you it works for you.

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