Covid-19 protocol

minimizing your risk

It is impossible to completely eliminate any risk of infection while receiving therapeutic massage but resilability is committed to following the evidenced based recommendations of the state, CDC and professional massage associations:

DECD reccomendations for personal services:


What resilability is doing


.   Will wear a mask, eye covering at all times

.   Will change clothes/ disinfect apron and shoes between every client

.   Will wash hands before and after every client


.   All touched surfaces will be disinfected with approved and according to manufacturers recommendations

.   All used linens will be stored in an airtight container and washed according to recommendations

.   All Clean linens will be stored in an airtight container until used

.   Floors will be cleaned/disinfected every night


.   Clients scheduling will allow for substantial time between appointments to air out rooms

.  HEPA filter will be used in the treatment room

.   Will limit central air circulation during client sessions


.   Will be required to wear masks at all times

.   Will be asked screening questions to insure health

.   Will have access to hand sanitizer at all times