Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise
Guilford, CT, Madison, CT
  • Are you noticing increased stiffness and weakness?

  • Are you having problems reaching your seatbelt, getting on and off the floor?

  • Have you stopped making progress while working out?

  • Have the same injury over and over again or one that takes forever to heal?

  • Can’t get the form right during your workouts, or yoga class?


Corrective exercise might help:

A strategic approach to your specific strengthening needs. Traditional strength training programs work the whole body evenly. The problem is most of us are not symmetrical. The other problem is this approach assumes we can move the same way on both sides in all directions. We can’t. We all have developed compensations and sometimes major weakness as a result. We are just strengthening compromised form. Corrective exercise starts with a great strength assessment to identify weakness and movement dysfunction (bad form). We will then work to strengthen the weak areas and improve the balance throughout the body.