Movement and Posture Assessment
Guilford, CT, Madison, CT

       This assessment will give me the chance to take a look at how you stand, move and coordinate. The assessment is meant to give me a window into to the standing and moving dynamics of your body. I will try and identify weaknesses and restrictions that my be holding you back from strong, efficient and pain free movement. I use a combination of standing visual assessments as well functional strength tests and palpation of the soft tissue to assess how well your body is able to support your movement. I will also assess the flexibility of many of your joints. The assessment can be added at an additional cost to a bodywork, flexibility training or corrective exercise session and lasts 30min.

What is palpation?

Palpation is using my hands and forearms to feel the texture, firmness, pliability and temperature of muscles, connective tissue and other structures.

How long is the assessment?

The assessment is 30min long.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose. Ideally a tank top and shorts or pants for yoga. You can change when you get here if you like.

What kind of assessments do you perform?

I will look at your standing posture then moving posture, we will look at your joints range of motion. I will take you through some strength tests. I will use palpation (touching/pressing) to assess the firmness and texture of your muscles, tendons and connective tissue.